That’s how collaboration works!

In German we have a word for togetherness: WIR – when used to describe a group of people it implies a sense of collaboration. It has tremendous force: WIR masters complex tasks; WIR drives us to peak performance; WIR creates innovation. When once promising collaboration does not result in the expected outcome, frustration can quickly set in.

WIRcoaching can support you to create a dynamic that fosters a sustainable company WIR. Together we will work directly on concrete challenges in the team.

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12-weeks online Program for autonomous and innovative teams together with like-minded teams.


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1:1 team development

Professional coaching and mentoring of one team in a company.

Internal Workshops

Workshop for a team or a division on topics relating to team culture and agile mindset.

Jennifer Rojas-Menn

Coach and Facilitator

The moment, when a team develops a “WIR-feeling” and sets free a new charge of motivation, is magical. I have developed a passion for this moment. To achieve it, I can draw on a wide range of practical experience with teams and leaders both at home in Switzerland and abroad. In addition I regularly lead seminars and conferences on the subject of team and leadership development. I have a Master’s degree in cultural studies and I am continuously educating myself in Coaching and Organizational Development.

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